Advanced Resource Management

Welcome to the rewrite/port of Advanced Power Management and the previously unreleased Advanced Inventory Management to the latest and greatest version of Minecraft! This mod is designed to help you efficiently manage your energy and resources.

Planned features:

Charging Station and Battery Station allowing you to automatically drain and refill items or blocks capable of storing and providing energy.

Energy Monitor allowing easy automation of power generation or consumption based on redstone signals given off when power levels in a monitored power storage block rise above or fall below user defined thresholds.

Batch Supplier allowing multiple item types to be supplied to a machine or system in controlled amounts, such as a ratio of 3 copper to 1 tin, without bulky kluges or excessive storage space.

Inventory Stocker capable of inserting and removing items from a target to make it perfectly match a user-defined state “snapshot”.

You can follow the development on github at ARM Github

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