Advanced Power Management

Introducing Advanced Power Management by Pantheis and Tallinu!

This mod adds several new blocks to Industrial Craft 2 to help you manage your energy grid. The scope of the mod has expanded since the original version, and it is no longer named for the single block it originally added. You will now find contained herein for your crafting enjoyment the following high quality devices: The Charging Bench, the Battery Station, and the Storage Monitor (plus the Adjustable Emitter for creative play).

More details are available in the README included inside the JAR, or at the APM Github.


This mod requires Industrial Craft 2 version 1.108 and Forge to If you come across any bugs while running this mod, I will need a copy of the full error log to even start troubleshooting it. Please keep in mind that this is tested against a beta version of IC2.

License Agreement

This mod is provided ‘as is’ with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The owner of this mod takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of this mod. This mod alters fundamental parts of the Minecraft game, parts of Minecraft or other mods may not work with this mod installed. All damages caused from the use or misuse of this mod are the sole responsibility of the user.

Please see included LICENSE.TXT in the “docs” directory inside the distribution zip for the full agreement.


Since this mod is open source, you could download, compile and package this mod without following any of the conditions below. We hope that you will instead honor our reasonable requests.

Inclusion of this mod into a modpack is allowed as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Pantheis and/or Tallinu should be informed in advance of inclusion. This is not asking permission, just to let us know who’s including it! 🙂 We like knowing how far our work has spread. This can be as simple as a tweet to @pantheis or @tallinu with a link to your modpack.
  • The users of the modpack must be provided with a link back to the Industrial Craft 2 thread.
  • Credit must be given to Pantheis & Tallinu
  • Modified versions compiled from source must be marked as such, noting any changes made.
  • The LICENSE.txt and README files included inside the jar must be left intact.
  • The copyright headers on every source file must remain intact.
  • You must report any errors you have in relation to other mods so we can fix them! 🙂 Or, feel free to submit a pull request with your own fix.


A note on updating from Charging Bench 1.09
APM has been designed to seamlessly upgrade your existing Charging Bench 1.09 install to the new APM mod. As always though, backup your worlds just in case something goes wrong.
Minecraft 1.4.2
Current version is: 1.1.30-IC2_1.108, for Minecraft 1.4.2 and IC2 1.108 beta, last updated November 3rd, 2012
AdvancedPowerManagement-1.1.30-IC2 1.108 (103.6 KB) Downloads: 2023

Minecraft 1.3.2
Current version is: 1.1.30-IC2_1.107, for Minecraft 1.3.2 and IC2 1.107 beta – Requires Forge
AdvancedPowerManagement-1.1.30-IC2 1.107 (103.5 KB) Downloads: 1640

Source code is available at

Known Issues:

Please see the github issues page.

Change Log:

Please see the wiki.

Charging Bench

The charging bench allows you to charge up to 12 items simultaneously! It comes in three tiers, with similar charging restrictions, energy storage, and voltage limits to the storage unit each is built on (but see the upgrades section or the README for more info).

LV Charging Bench

1 Batbox
3 Insulated Copper Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks

MV Charging Bench

3 2x Insulated Gold Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks

HV Charging Bench

3 4x Insulated HV (Iron) Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks


The Charging Bench will automatically direct valid electrical items shift-clicked from your inventory into the charging area if there is space free with the excess being placed into the input slot. Once an item is done charging, it will be automatically moved to the output slot, and another item from the input slot will be added to the main area. For example, you can shift-click a full stack of RE-Batteries into the GUI and it will automatically unstack, charge them all and allow fast and easy collection by repeatedly shift-clicking the output slot.


While using the bench, you have quick access to your equipped armor and if you are wearing electrical armor, can shift click it directly into the bench. When it’s done charging, simply shift-click it from the output or any other slot and it will automatically equip into the proper location!

Each bench has two indicators visible on the outside. The meter on the left reflects the energy stored, and the green activity light lets you know if your items are done charging without even opening the GUI.

Charging benches accept standard IC2 upgrades. The transformer upgrade allows lower tier benches to accept higher input energy and better battery-type items in the power slot. (Note that a Charging Bench exposed to unacceptably high voltage will break off onto the ground safely, ejecting any items it contained.) The energy storage upgrade increases the storage of the device, each bench gaining a different amount. The overclocker can dramatically reduce item charging time – but, as always with OCs, this results in increased energy consumption.

The input, output, and power slots are exposed to pipes, tubes and other devices. Input is on top, output is on bottom and the power slot is accessed from any side. Valid electrical items placed into the input slot will be moved to a charging slot, then moved to the output slot for retrieval once full. In this way, you can easily automate recharging of items!

The Charging Bench also supports in-place upgrades using the upgrade toolkit!

1 Iron
2 Sticks

Craft a toolkit with any tier of Charging Bench to create a components kit, or craft it with components to reassemble them into a ready to use bench.

Right-click any tier of Charging Bench with a component kit to upgrade, or downgrade, it to the tier of the kit. The bench you clicked will return to your inventory as another component kit and can be reused – or un-crafted, by sneak-right-clicking in the open air while holding it, although the planks are lost.

Battery Stations

Sure, a charging bench lets you fill up a lot of items at the same time with ease, but what if you want to do the opposite and drain power from a lot of items? That’s what the brand new Battery Station allows you to do!


It comes in three tiers just like the charging bench, with similar limitations. Remember that only battery-type items can be drained of power – most armor and tools cannot!

LV, MV, and HV battery stations will output 32, 128, or 512 EU packets once per tick if they can drain sufficient energy from the items in their inventory.

LV Battery Station

1 LV-Transformer
3 Insulated Copper Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks

MV Battery Station

1 MV-Transformer
3 2x Insulated Gold Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks

HV Battery Station

1 HV-Transformer
3 4x Insulated HV (Iron) Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
4 Wooden Planks


Each battery station will output up to one packet of energy every tick, depending on the type and number of energy sources placed inside.

The battery station supports automation much like the charging bench, and shares the activity indicator light and the option of disabling it with redstone. The input slot is accessed from the top or bottom, and the output slot is accessed from any side.

Storage Monitor

The storage monitor allows you to remotely monitor an energy storage unit. It will start emitting redstone when the power level falls below a certain threshold, and stop when the power rises above another. The levels are configurable. Craft a blank link-card, right click any energy storage device, then place the card in the slot. There is no range limitation, but it will not work across dimensions.


Storage Monitor

1 Gold Cable (No insulation)
1 Electronic Circuit
1 Redstone Dust
2 Glass
4 Wooden Planks

Link Card Creator

1 Insulated Copper Cable
1 Electronic Circuit
1 Paper


Originally created for testing, these can be found in the creative inventory as a bonus. They have no crafting recipes.

LV, MV, HV, and EV Emitters provide 32, 128, 512, and 2048 EU per tick when powered by redstone. The Adjustable Emitter works similarly but provides a custom amount of energy, configured using the GUI.



Original idea: Drashian
Original Charging Bench graphics: Starlight
Battery Station textures: Tallinu
Emitter and Storage Monitor textures: Pantheis
Charging Bench and Battery Station GUIs: Tallinu
Storage Monitor and Adjustable Emitter GUIs: Pantheis and Tallinu
Charging Bench toolkit and upgrade item textures: Tallinu
Storage Monitor link card item textures: Pantheis
Code: Pantheis and Tallinu

Special thanks to the original Charging Bench mod. Without your ideas for inspiration, this mod wouldn’t exist.

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